Unsung Hero of the Daily Commute: Musings for Valentine's Day

In any car enthusiast’s life, there are inevitably unsung heroes of the Daily Commute that leave an impression. While this author recalls how many of his friends' parents drove “exciting cars” like a Corvette, or a Mustang, there was one family who owned a rather nondescript utilitarian 1995 Toyota 4Runner. This 4-Runner was as tough as its owners who all adored it. It frequently hauled six kids to high school, day in and day out, whatever the weather. What was most memorable about this tough-and-ready SUV was its bright red color. Eventually, like many older well used cars or trucks, it developed rust and a bit of a smoking problem. Regrettably, it was sold for “parts.” The 4Runner was replaced with a new one. The family later learned the old 4Runner lived on with a new owner. By coincidence, they found the old 4Runner in a parking garage and took a picture of both the old and new vehicles side by side.  Like any good story about a once beloved vehicle, it delivers a smile to any former owner to know that their old car lives to drive down the road another day. Vehicles’ stories make them special to their owners, or even to others. It may be that we leave impressions on our cars, or it might be that cars leave lasting impressions on all of us.  Love is more than metal deep; it’s in our hearts, our minds, and occasionally for our cars. Happy Valentine's Day!!! Photo Source: Car and Driver