Craziest Videos from WRC Sweden

This past weekend wasn’t just another running of WRC Sweden. It actually marks the final professional season of the most decorated motorsport driver in history, Sebastien Loeb. With a grand total of nine world titles, he’s not only the most decorated rally driver, but the most decorated human being to competitively put rubber on the road... ever. To mark the occasion, we’ve collected the top videos over the years from one of the most famous rallies on the calendar. It’s no coincidence most of these videos include the famous Colin’s Crest, named after the late, great Colin McCrae. 6) It’s only appropriate that we start this list of with a video of WRC cars launching from the starting gate. Pure bliss 5) Big on synthesizers, big mustaches,  big on going sideways. Welcome to the 80s. 4) This list wouldn't be in complete without an on-board video of Sebastien Loeb himself. Keep in mind the speed at which he’s driving and the narrow path he’s given, then take note of how much steering input is taking place 3) This is simply put, the best audio you’ll find on the internet. 2) Onboard footage of WRC is easily the clearest example of pure athleticism. The fact that Sebastien Loeb appears on this list again is not a coincidence. 1) Now that Loeb has stepped down, his main competitor, Miko Hirvonen can finally step in to the light. Take a look at the speed at which Miko is driving, then look at the complete state of calmness on his face. That was Loeb’s main competition… Yeah, rally drivers are not from this planet.