Judge Rules Gotham Garage Batmobile is Illegal

The Batmobile, in all of its incarnations, is a very recognizable car. With all the gadgets, it has evolved into one of the necessary characters of the Batman universe. Apparently the courts agree, and a judge has sided with Warner Brothers and DC Comics in a lawsuit against Mark Towle and his Gotham Garage customizing shop. If you didn't already figure out, Towle makes Batmobiles as well as other movie cars. A U.S. District Court Judge has ruled that the caped crusader's main ride is, in fact, a character as part of the franchise. This has huge consequences in the custom car industry. As you might imagine, the TV/movie car replica industry is a large one, and this opens up the chance for any entertainment company to sue the makers of these cars without proper licensing. Think about that for a moment– all the Ghostbusters cars, Back to the Future DeLoreans, and Wranglers done up all Jurassic Park-style. They could all be subject to this ruling as well. We'll watch this closely as it unfolds to see if any other custom car outfits fall victim to this ruling. Source: The Hollywood Reporter