Ferrari Enzo Flogged on Dirt Road is as Badass as it Sounds

With all the recent talk of the forthcoming Ferrari F150, owners of the predecessor Enzo hypercar must be feeling a little left out. When one feels left out they tend to act out, which could explain why the owner of this Enzo decided to take the mid-engined beast out onto unpaved farm roads, drifting through mud and dirt. It is exactly as badass as it sounds. Fittingly titled "The Ferrari Enzo WRC," is a glorious celebration of supercar abuse.. As one commenter put it, "Best video on YouTube." While that is a very Bold statement, we're inclined to agree. On a related note, when we are creating a post, we have to take a screenshot of the video for our lead image, which is supposed to be the best shot of the video. When you have taken ten screenshots by the end of the video, you have yourself a solid clip.