Enthusiasts from SC Take to Kickstarter to Make Glorious Car Video

We are are always fans of high-quality automotive video content. Take a stunning car, expensive camera and a skilled editor and it all comes together. As video capturing and editing software has become more available to all, that definition has evolved and the grassroots enthusiast is as capable as the professional crew at delivering drool-inducing video content. Take, for example this group from Columbia, South Carolina. Dubbed "Mind Over Matter," they are "trying to rejuvenate the automotive culture in the Carolinas through the use of artistic mediums." We think that is a noble enough cause, and the group has took to Kickstarter to pursue it. So far they have raised just over $250 of the $1,860 goal. Check them out for yourself, as the group has posted several videos on the Kickstarter page. We think if they wanted more donations, they would expand their scope beyond just the Carolinas. Just sayin. In all, we never tire of seeing new automotive videos, so we will watch closely to see what develops from this venture.