Scion FR-S Convertible Concept Debut Set for Geneva

Sun-worshipers and car-lovers are two phrases that sort of go hand-in-hand for those folks who love their convertibles.  So a convertible that is affordable, with rear-wheel drive and a four cylinder limits the list of potential vehicle options in the new car marketplace. As of late, rear-wheel drive convertibles that are nimble and affordable have limited your new car choice to a Miata, or little else. That potentially is about to change. Rumor has it that Toyota/Scion/Subaru might release an epic car at the Geneva motor show. The GT86/FR-S/BRZ convertible is rumored to make its debut at that motor show. Fans of convertibles are not always satisfied with the car's performance, due to lack of chassis rigidity and body flex associated with cutting the off the car’s roof. The details of this new convertible release are few, but a cloth roof is likely to be utilized to save weight, and whether or not there will be a rear seat is not clear, though in a preliminary sketch the rear seats were retained. Maybe now is the time for Toyota/Subaru to expand its GT86/FR-S/BRZ lineup, and hit a homerun for the summer of 2013 with a hot, new convertible. It is time for a Miata competitor. Maybe Toyota/Subaru can give them a run for their money, and once again change the game. We’re watching as they move forward.