2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR: A Closer Look at V-Dub's Guilty Pleasure

When Volkswagen revived the Beetle back in 1997, a few of us wished they hadn’t… wait, I meant all of us. It ran all the way up until 2010 and then we got the news that Volkswagen was redesigning the Beetle for 2012. When the news broke, I struggled to understand the reasoning behind it. The new Beetle was never a great car, it seemed to be marketed directly towards teenage girls: underpowered engines that pull around bubbly shell that’s allergic to sharp edges. And the car itself never filled any market gaps that the golf wasn’t already in. The redesign in 2012 was driven by a plan to make the image of the Beetle more aggressive and manly. Apparently, the design guys at VW got annoyed and offended that their car was perceived as girly and soft. Redesigned taillights, front bumper and a new roofline… did they really think that was enough? I hear Old Spice helps. Recently announced, is the SPecial Edition 2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR. Power is up to 207bhp and 210ft/lbs of torque, good start. 19-inch rims and a large rear spoiler, we might be getting somewhere. Clad with electric yellow paint with matte black racing stripes and highlights; I… I think I want to drive it. We all have guilty pleasures. I think I’ve, rather embarrassingly, just found mine in a remixed Beetle… I feel…I feel so dirty.