Photo of Porsche Sebring Champs is Beautiful, Arousing

Just look at this photo. Stare at it, soak it up. This quartet is what winning looks like. The four cars here have all won the famed 12 Hours of Sebring. There are many more Porsches to have won the endurance race, but this is a nice cross section of Porsche's history at the track, representing four distinctly different eras in dominance at Sebring. Left to right, the cars are: 2008 Penske Porshce RS Spyder: Driven by Timo Berhanrd, Romain Dumas, and Emmanual Collard 1985 "T-Bird Swap Shop" Porsche 962: Drien by AJ Foyt and Bob Wollek 1980 Sachs Porsche 935 K3: Driven by John Fitzpatrick and Dick Barbour 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60: Driven by Hans Herrman and Olivier Genderbien (This is not the actual winning car, which is in the Porsche museum. This is the DNF'ed car driven by Graham Hill and Jo Bonnier) When your B Squad features Graham Hill you're a serious racing program! We're done with the history lesson, but feel free to continue to drool over this photo- just don't get any on the keyboard!