Video: This is the Strangest, Sexiest Road Safety Ad We've Ever Seen

We've seen the bouncy and beautiful women of past showing proper safety techniques while riding passenger seat in the overpowered vehicles of one lead foot. And while we do love us some good 'ol bouncy videos, road safety is no joke. But how can we get through to all those reckless vigilantes sporting their half a million dollar sportscars touting around voluptuous women by the barrel? We kill them…at least, on film. Seen here, the reckless driver thinks that he is behind the wheel of one Lamborghini Murcielago, but in fact, is actually behind the wheel of one econobox of a foreign hatchback until he inevitably wraps it around a tree killing himself and his beautiful passenger. Sad, strange, sexy and annoying all in one video. That's good advertising.