Ferrari F150 (kinda) Leaked!

Just like NASCAR to Formula 1, there is a difference between the hype over a Corvette and the hype over a Ferrari. While the former may have been shrouded in secrecy prior to the Detroit Auto Show, people would literally climb over their grandmother for leaked info on an upcoming Ferrari– especially when that car is the Enzo-succeeding F150. Feast eyes on the image above, because this is supposedly your new Ferrari F150. The duPont Registry, purveyors of all things expensive and exclusive reposted an image from goldRush Rally. According to those intrepid gents, someone was at a recent private presentation, and took a photo of a plaque featuring a sketch of the car. Apparently, the sketch was enough to build out this image. That's good enough for us. The F150 will feature an 850-horsepower V12, with another 150 horsepower coming form an electric motor and a KERS regenerative braking setup. Only 499 examples are expected to be built, hold true to Enzo Ferrari's mantra of building just one more car than there was demand. Each car is expected to fetch $1.6 million...thanks Enzo. Until we see it for sure (possible at Geneva Motor Show), we can just ogle this image for hours and days...think we won't?! Source: Facebook