Britney Spears Blasting Around in Smart ForTwo is Questionable

Depending on when you grew up, Britney Spears was either the apple of your teenage eye or if younger, a kindof burnt-out, past-her-prime pop star. Still, she manages to get it together for the occasional music video, and a stint on X Factor. At 31, Britney must be trying to make another comeback and thinking thin. Why else would she opt for the diminutive Smart ForTwo? The SmartCar is a convertible with blacked out wheels, and guessing from the grille might even be a Brabus Smart ForTwo. If so it would be the second X Factor host to own a Brabus Smart. Simon Cowell sold off his tuned ForTwo in October, so it couldn't be his. Maybe Spears thought picking up one of these utterly useless city cars would get her back in Cowell's good graces. Who knows... Source: US Magazine