Five Super Bowl Ads No One Saw Coming

Good morning everybody! Chances are you may be a little hungover after staying up for the Super Bowl last night. As part of the festivities, there is the usual rollout of funny ads. As with years past, many of these ads are teased or completely unveiled before this weekend, but some ads are kept quiet until the Big Game. Here are five car ad spots that rocked, impressed, or otherwise surprised us from yesterday. Fast & Furious 6: Another Fast/Furious movie, woot!!! More Vin Diesel, more The Rock, and more cars! Not just cars- there are tanks! Planes! Tanks crashing! Planes crashing! Watch the trailer for this flick a few times and tell us how many cars you see! Jeep "Whole Again": It's official: Jeep doesn't want to sell you cars. The automaker wants to make you cry. This spot is a tear-jerker and Chrysler's advertising company, Wieden+Kennedy. That lump in your throat? It's either you Patriotism, or your desire to sign a lease on a new Patriot. "Perfect Match":! GoDaddy knows classy. Okay, they really don't. They do cheesy, racy TV ads that are not every clever. This is not one of those ads. There's still the racy factor, but they went in a direction few would see. You know an ad is good when you're watching it and yelling at the TV, "No, they are not going to do it, wait, they are going to do it, holy crap, they are actually doing it!!!" ...Why are we featuring a domain name company in our car ads? Because Danica, that's why! 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Ad: This is the first TV spot with the Corvette, and its kind of like a video version of the car. It is edgy and there are vents. That's probably the only correlation. Either way, its a black-and-white video of a corvette in action. We like this. Ram "Farmer":! This is not as much so much a tear-jerker (like the Jeep ad!), but a very thought-provoking collection stills from our agriculture industry. It is set against a 1978 speech by Paul Harvey to a convention of the Future Farmers of America. According to Slate, this ad concept was borrowed from a 2011 video done by Still pretty cool ad, and more proof that while you may get the funny from someone else, Chrysler goes right for the jugular (and heart-strings) when it comes to super bowl ads.