Top 10 Super Bowl Auto Ads to Expect

How is that hangover treating you? For most of the nation, the Super Bowl season is the second-most-hung-over time of the year, surpassed only by New Year’s Day. While the outcome of the game might mean something to the cities of San Francisco or Baltimore, the rest of the country did not have a dog in the fight. Even less were watching for the actual the game. So why is Super Bowl Sunday such a big occasion? The commercial breaks, obviously! We’re all about cars, so it is convenient that automakers and companies significant to the automotive industry deliver some of the best Super Bowl TV spots. Don’t believe us? Here is a roundup of all the car-related ads from Sunday. Some are so-so, while some are the stuff of advertising legend. Read on, but you be the judge! Odd, Strange or Missed the Mark 10. Lincoln: "#SteerTheScript" Wait…what? We were unaware that Jimmy Fallon was abusing Quaaludes. He might be unaware of this too. Also, probably less than a hundred Lincoln owners tweet.  9. Hyundai: "Epic Playdate" A valiant effort, but the Flaming Lips are not exactly pump-up music for anything one would call "epic." Also, these kids are way to young to be dressing like hipsters…Meh. 8. Kia: "Hotbots" On paper, one would think that including Miss USA Alyssa Campenella in your ad would be a home run, but turning her into a renegade robot? Little odd. On the plus side, this ad serves as a warning to the creepy middle aged men who hit on the booth professionals that work auto shows. Getting Warmer 7. Toyota: "Wish Granted" The redeeming factor of this ad was the Skee-Lo track "I wish I was a little bit taller," near the end. Plus, everyone loves Kaley Cuoco... 6. Volkswagen: "Get In. Get Happy" If this ad is to be believed, driving a VW Beetle Turbo will eviscerate even the nastiest cases of the Monday’s. Points for the "Chill Winston," line, which is a reference to Guy Ritchie's "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels."  5. Hyundai: "Excited" If you are familiar with the dulcet tones of Gus Johnson, this TV spot featuring the Hyundai Genesis on a racetrack is straight fire. If you are not, this is still 31 seconds of a rear-wheel drive, V8 performance sedan on a racetrack. Enjoy. Advertising Gold 4. Hyundai: "Team" Hyundai has a new seven-passenger Santa Fe, and the Korean automaker would like you to know that you can pick up all of your badass friends. There are children wrestling bears and welding, set to 80’s metal– we see nothing wrong with any of this.  3. Kia: "Space Babies" We ranked this higher than the Hyundai ad because people love babies, almost as much as they love baby animals. Baby panda? Game over. 2. Audi: "Prom" Something tells us this is the typical Audi engineer; nerd with a heart of gold and waiting for the opportunity to be bold. This ad made it very difficult to crown the following as the standalone best ad of the day. 1. Mercedes-Benz: "Soul" Here is a list of things in this ad: Kate Upton, the "Sympathy for the Devil," Willem Dafoe, a Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, said CLA-Class executing a power-slide…did we mention Kate Upton? That’s pretty much a to-do list for creating the best automobile ad for Super Bowl Sunday.  Honorable mention For anyone who refused to watch the game, there were certainly options. One of the most popular alternatives is Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, which is in its eleventh year of existence. Knowing its clientele, Subaru released a quartet of canine-catered ads for the fluffy affair. Here is arguably the best: Meat! Puppies! Subaru crossover-wagons! We’ll leave you with that, drink plenty of water, and avoid eye contact with your boss today! We’re pullin’ for ya!