Justin Bieber's Ferrari 458 Stopped by Police, Again

The saga that is Justin Bieber's infamous Ferrari 458 keeps getting more ridiculous and illegal by the minute. You may remember, that Bieber's Ferrari was involved in the death of a photog only a month ago. Now, Bieber's Ferrari has had another run in with the law. Like before, he wasn't even behind the wheel. According to TMZ, Lil Za- a friend of Bieber's- was behind the wheel of his Ferrari early this morning when it was pulled over by police for tinted windows. While a normal tinted windows charge would leave the Beibs with a hefty yet payable traffic ticket, Lil Za neglected to mention he didn't have a drivers license. Oops. Naturally, this lead to the rapper (?) being cuffed and placed in the back of the squad car for, well, driving without a license. Another friend picked up the passenger and the 458 before leaving the scene. Photo Credit: Celebrity Cars Blog

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