$300K Aston Martin DB5 Barn Find Set for Auction

The idea of finding an extremely rare, extremely expensive classic car in someone's barn is like Indiana Jones finding whatever the hell he was looking for. It's absolutely mind-boggling. Imagine then, the bloke who came across this drop-dead gorgeous Aston Martin DB5 left, to die in the UK. Lodged deep in the crevices of an unassuming barn in Buckingshire, England, the DB5 was covered in dust and dirt, and even had some mice living in the engine bay. As the vehicle was recovered, the mice have since been removed and the engine started up relatively easily. Now, the near-pristine DB5 is headed to the Bonham's auction block with a formal estimate of £150,000 to £200,000 ($237,000 to $315,380 ). A ton of dough for some dusty old Brit. Source: The Telegraph