Holy Crap, This Kia Super Bowl Ad is F&@king Weird!

Kia Super Bowl ad featuring former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella...on paper that sounds like a winning TV spot, but as we've seen with previous attempts, just throwing a babe on TV doesn't always do it these days. You have to be funny as well. Is that a glimmer of hope for our society? Unlikely, but it points to the high expectations we have for Super Bowl ads. This one does not meet those expectations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emhtp2prOxQ So a guy is at a launch party (industry term) for the Kia Forte, and robot versions of "booth babes" are pressent, including the former Miss USA. When some Portlandia-cast-member looking knob kicks the tire, she goes to work on demolishing his hipster ass. I mean, that's cool , but the only thing I got out of this: I would totally expect a guy looking like that to do something lame like kick the tires. Don't do that people, it doesn't do anything. PS- Is it wrong if a robotic former Miss USA giving a nerd a wedgie turns me on? Is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with YOU for not liking that?!