Spyker Planning Porsche 911 Rival for Geneva

Since 1999, Spyker has been the Dutch answer to the high-powered, luxury supercars of the world. But with recent struggles and an unforeseen bout with Saab, the exclusive automaker is looking to get back on its feet. This time around, it seems as if it may come in the form of a smaller, more mainstream new sportscar. New reports from Autovisie indicate that Spyker has been quietly prepping a Porsche 911 rival for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. While details are still limited on the project, Spyker CEO Victor Muller assures that "it will surprise you," and it will be smaller and cheaper than the top end C8 Aileron. With the wind at its back and pitching to a relatively homegrown audience, Spyker hopes that this next great Dutch sportscar will bring the nearly forgotten company back to life. PHOTOS: See more of the Spyker C8 Aileron