Video: Driverless Audi A7 Drops Off Driver, Parks Itself

When the driverless vehicle first appeared in film and TV, many agreed that the idea was one in which automakers would soon invest millions to make a reality. Little did we know, that reality of the future has shot forward and become a thing of the present. But the driverless vehicle is here, and Audi is one of the very first automakers to capitalize on this new venture. Along with a Stanford University research team, a driverless Audi TTS even managed to conquer the treacherous Pikes Peak in 2010, and that was only the start. The idea of autonomous technology available to consumers is closer than ever to becoming a reality. Take this this driverless Audi A7, which has the ability to drop the driver off and goes off to find a parking spot. Hell, it even backs in! And after the driver is done with their shopping, the Audi pulls around up front to pick them back up. Technology. It's a beautiful, scary thing.