Ellen DeGeneres Is One Fast and Funny Lady

Admittedly, I've probably watched more hours of the Ellen show than your average man would like to admit. But what's not to like? She's funny, she dances and lo and behold, she's a speed freak. Ellen DeGeneres was recently caught by Celebrity Cars Blog in her silky black Porshce 911 Turbo S, which, is a massively impressive car. The Turbo S is a car for which most people would relinquish unnecessary organs to the Black Market. But even in a recent monologue (which you can watch below), Ellen talked about her need for speed, and jokes, "that's why I married a Portia." She even says here preference on the highway would be, "fast, faster and fastest." Now that's a cause we can get behind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvK_8zI9RLE Source/Photo Credit: Celebrity Cars Blog