Genius Does 0-60 Run into Stopped Traffic in a Ferrari 328 GTS

This defines "Don't try this at home," though I have to applaud the set of stones on this guy in the video below. The poster is Wayne Wojdak, who has a YouTube channel, filled with real-life zero to sixty runs in all sorts of Ferraris, Mustangs and Porsches. When he says "real-life," he means that he launches from the stoplight at the end of an onramp to what looks like a Los Angeles freeway. In this episode, he launches off in a Ferrari 328 GTS. Despite the potential fun this could be, I don't have to tell you also how dumb this is and how poorly it could end. See for yourself: Luckily its a Ferrari 328 GTS, so it's not THAT fast. Still, the 0-60 time in the mid 6's aint so bad, and its the BRAKES that I'm actually worried about. One of these days, a 0-60 run will not go so well. I would recommend that he sticks with newer cars.