BoldRide's Ten Favorite Super Bowl Car Ads

An average of $3-million for 30 seconds. I wish I was refering to how automotive writers are paid, but  no, I'm talking about Super Bowl commercials. The TV breaks are so legendary that people who have no interest  in football whatsoever watch the game, purely for the commercials. Among the greats are Doritos and Budweiser. Some are forgettable  but some are summer-blockbuster-preview quality. Since this is Boldride and not, We've collected the top 10 Super Bowl car ads from recent years. 10. Bumble Bee makes a cameo appearence in some cheesey local dealer ad for Chevy. Definitely something we all wish would happen more often. 9. This Bridgestone commercial is hilarious. That is all. 8. is a seemingly bland website built purely for consumerism. Even they find a funny bone with some irony. That's convenient, because some of the used cars on their site have odometer readings that Elanis Morrisette would call "ironic". 7. Bridgestone makes another appearence in this list and fully demonstrates the reaction everybody has had in their own head that time they accidently hit "reply all" at the office. 6. This is one of the more epic commercials: 1) because Clint Eastwood is in it and 2) Clint F***ING Eastwood is in it. Then you realize he says it's "Halftime in America"... so there's only 237 years left until America ends? 5. This is a great commercial for anyone who is old enough to remember 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'... and if you're too young to know... you kids have no real culture...with your Dubsteps and whatnot. It's no Ferrari 250 GT California but I hear those can be pricey. 4. Essentially, Audi is telling Jason Statham that the only character he's good at playing is a driver, and then demonstrates how long he will be playing that character throughout the rest of his career. 3. If you could make a collection of things men search for on YouTube/Google/ their own head, Kia demonstrates that collection with extreme efficiency. 2. Fiat pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one. That feeling any gearhead gets in the presence of performance. 1. The top spot goes to one of the announcement ads for the R8. It a preview of the car but also a bold claim, before the car is even on the road. It was a claim that held it's weight and an ad that we were sure to remember.