Kate Upton, Usher Star in Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad

Mercedes-Benz's marketing team is a clever bunch. As we all know, most modern Mercedes' come at the cost of unnecessary organs, your first born, or in this case, your soul. Owning said Mercedes though, isn't all bad. You get to strut your stuff on the red carpet with Kate Upton, you get to dance alongside usher in a movie style nightclub, and you can even try your hand on the track with the Mercedes F1 team (or, at least that's what they want you to think.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oPNr0_6MnDo But now, it's all come full circle, and this onslaught of awesome comes in the form of the all-new "affordable" Mercedes-Benz CLA with a price tag of just under $30K. It's gorgeous, it's affordable and you don't have to give up your soul to own one. We think that's a good thing.