Video: Nine Lamborghini Aventadors on Runway Exhibits Why News Outlets Suck

If a single Lamborghini Aventador were to drive by, it would be a special occasion. How about nine brand new Aventador Roadsters, and on an airport runway?! Well, that was just the scene yesterday at Miami International Airport. The goal was to see if an Aventador could surpass the takeoff speed of a typical passenger jet. With a top speed of 180 mph on the two-mile runway, who cares if it beats an airplane- it’s a Lambo going at full gate! Besides, the reason for Lamborghini's presence at the airport had nothing to do with proving any kind of record- it was a publicity stunt! An excellent one at that. Miami is a huge market for Lamborghini and conducting high-speed runs on the tarmac closest to the highway with your newest vehicle is product placement at its best! More importantly, we wanted to show you how two different vantage points (figuratively) treat the same story. The link immediately below is from a local Miami television station. Go ahead and watch… That seemed interesting enough. It had our interest piqued, but the news program likely moved onto the local weather or the breaking up of a massive cocaine ring. On the other hand, you have how the enthusiast world covers an event like this. This is Lamborghini's b-roll video from the event, merely reposted by YouTube user: Ok granted it is Lamborghini's own footage, but it looked like there was hardly editing, It was just a smattering of shots and still managed to wow the viewer. The news story fails to convey the awesomeness of the event, and reminds us of how frustrating it is when your standard news schmucks try and cover anything form the automotive world, they do a terrible job. Other lessons here: the Aventador Roadster looks mind melting in every single color available. Also, supercar makers have been factoring in the likelihood of producing a convertible derivative of nearly all models. It is paying off with convertible and roadster versions of vehicles that look natural. It was not too long ago, that