Acura CL-X Concept: The Sporty Coupe That Never Was

At one point in history, Acura was a bit more than the nearly forgotten luxury arm of auto-giant Honda. Such is not the case today, but with most of the lineup centering around sportier cars like the RSX and NSX, it had a bit more substance than others would imagine. Now, with the RSX long gone, and the NSX returning to the lineup in eventually, Acura is looking to change its persona yet again. The intended move is from a last-place luxury brand to a sportier, more likable auto manufacturer. Back in 1995 though, when all was good and right, Acura released a funky futuristic concept at Detroit, dubbed the CL-X. It was a futuristic, highly sporty new coupe, and Acura claimed it was "an exciting new (Acura) model that will be designed, engineered and manufactured here in the United States." Sounded promising, no? But like most automakers, the false hope that we once had in this concept, turned into nothing more than a forgettable front-wheel drive coupe known as the CL, which was kind of indistinguishable from the Honda Accord of those years. At the time, Acura was still finding a footing here in the U.S, and with cars like the RSX, the company gained that momentum they needed to stay at least in the black and carry on to new and exciting ventures like the CL-X. Using the Honda Civic platform, the CL-X could have easily become another cult classic among enthusiasts. Yet another missed opportunity... Should Acura have built a Honda Civic-based sportscar in the mid-90's? Tell us what you think in the comments below.