Rick Ross Targeted in Drive-By Shooting, Crashes Rolls-Royce

It seems like things have been a little quiet on the gangster rap, drive-by shooting front in the last…well, decade or so. But early reports from Florida are that rapper Rick Ross was involved in a car crash when he was targeted in a drive-by shooting. Drive-by’s still happen? Don’t rappers know that social media is a much better way to get attention. At any rate, details are really sparse at the moment, but Ross’s name has been tied to the incident. Though it has not actually been confirmed that Ross was there, eyewitnesses claim that it was his Rolls-Royce that was shot at over 20 times, before it crashed into an apartment building. The rapper had been receiving death threats from an actual gang for either mocking the gang’s leader in his music. A wise man once said, “There ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks.” Somewhere, Rick Ross might be asking himself which side of that saying he is on. Image Credit: Def Jam Records