Toyota Confirms Supra Successor Jointly Developed With BMW

Like most enthusiast, we've been waiting for ANY new news on the Toyota Supra. Unfortunately doing so can leave you with a feeling similar to walking up the down escalator. Well, the news is finally in, though it's not really the news most of us were expecting. In a new report, Toyota execs have confirmed that the successor to the much-loved Supra will indeed be developed in-partnership with BMW and ready by the end of the year (LA Auto Show, perhaps?). In this special agreement, Toyota will have access to BMW's sportscar technology but will introduce its very own hybrid drivetrain similar to the FT-HS concept released back in 2007. With these two automotive super powers working together, Toyota says that not only is a Supra successor in the cards, but that the two companies wish to "further collaborate in the field of sports vehicle development." Source: