Video: Tesla Model S Outguns Dodge Viper SRT10

No one in their right mind would assume that the electric Tesla Model S would outgun the almighty hero that is the BMW M5, but video evidence has proven otherwise. Now, the Tesla Model S Performance model has taken to Palm Beach International Raceway to make mince meat of yet another much-loved, high-powered vehicle; the Dodge Viper SRT10. Most would assume the ferocious Viper would undoubtedly chew up the Tesla and then come back for seconds, but you'd be wrong. With 443 lb-ft of torque at zero RPM, the Model S jumps the line on the traction-starved Viper. Oh and it set a 12.371 quarter mile– a world record for an electric production vehicle in the process. Anyone who says green can't be fast and fun, get your mind right! Source: DragTimes