Is this Mercedes-Benz Kate Upton Super Bowl Commercial Desperate?

If you're a marketer with lots of money and align yourself with a celebrity, you can benefit greatly. Well, most of the time. Now, take one of the hottest, most-Googled women on the planet, and put her in an ad– you can't lose, right? Perhaps that's what Mercedes-Benz thought when they put Kate Upton in their new Super Bowl ad, which is set to air on February 3rd. The ad features Kate Upton in short shorts with a caption saying she is about to wash the Mercedes CLA in slow motion. Then, she is seen blowing suds in her hands while watching a bunch of guys wash the car. She didn't actually wash the car. Ohhhh Mercedes, you really fooled us with this one. Just as everyone thought it would be Upton washing the car, it was not. It was a bunch of dudes. Using sex to sell and then pulling the rug out -- doesn't that make it worse? See for yourself... The viewer is left with not only a bad taste in their mouths as to what they just watched, but Mercedes also did a great job reinforcing every bad automotive marketing cliché. On the plus side, the video has already hit over 5.2 million views on YouTube, so it's arguably a success. We just dare you to remember the car in the video or a reason why you'd want to buy it after watching it. Regardless, Kate - we still like you. Next. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Mark Fortner is a marketing and advertising executive who contributes on occasion to BoldRide.