SRT Dart May Resurrect Iconic Name

Could Motown finally have a successor to the much-lauded Neon SRT4?  Preliminary sketches certainly hint at the possibility of a hi-po SRT version of Dodge’s all-new Dart, and it can’t come soon enough. With a seemingly endless supply of hot compacts coming from Germany and Japan, the US automakers have been in need of stepping-up their collective game. Ford hasn’t done too poorly with its range of EcoBoost engines in its compact cars, but if Dodge could hop on the “small displacement with turbo” train in the form of an SRT Dart, it could do wonders for the brand. The Neon SRT4 wasn’t just a good car; for a long time, it was the only choice for a cheap, non-Japanese sport-compact available in the States. It was actually preferred by some of the tuning scene’s biggest names, due to its easily tune-able engine. Its spacious (for its size) interior made it a great daily driver– even when customized to the max.  If Dodge is serious about making a Dart SRT4, it needs to go all the way with it and bet big; they can’t afford not to make it a world-class performance compact car. Source: Mopar