Crashing Someone Else's Porsche 917 is an Auto Journalists Worst Nightmare

The thought of breaking a classic, rare or prohibitively expensive car that does not belong to you is one experienced by more than a few automotive journalists. When the car in question is all three, that fear becomes a nightmare. That, unfortunately, happened to classic auto writer Mark Hales, at the wheel of a Porsche 917– arguably one of the most sought-after racecars of all time. Hales was doing a comparison test between the 917 (specific car not shown), belonging to former F1 driver David piper, and a Ferrari 512S belonging to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. Let that sink in for a minute. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster of getting to pilot these two cars, and then one breaks on you? PHOTOS: See more of the Porsche 917 According to the report from the UK's South West News Service, Piper and Hales had entered a "gentleman's agreement." If something happened and it was mechanical, the owner would take care of the damage. If it turned out to be driver error, it would be the Hales's problem. According to Hales, the transmission popped out of gear, resulting in the engine over revving, killing the engine. Piper claims it was the inability of Hales to let off the throttle in that situation that resulted in the journalist "killing the car." (sorry, easy Ferris Bueller ref) Anyways, a judge sided with Piper, resulting in Hales having to pay the Piper. (again, too easy) That's such a hard call to make. Like, if the transmission pops out of gear, and he stays on the throttle, that's on Hales. If the engine over revved and it blew the engine almost instantly, then that's the owner's problem. We'll never know exactly how long he stayed on the throttle, but all we can say is that's we feel for Hales, who has gone from every auto writer's dream, to nearly bankrupt in just a few years. Source: SWNS Image Source: Twitter