Chevy Producing No More Than 5,000 SS Sedans Per Year

While the Corvette Stingray may have been one of the most highly anticipated reveals in all of human history, Chevy is expecting its all-new SS to soak up a portion of the over-anticipation glory in the upcoming months. In a recent interview with, GM's North American president Mark Reuss said that only "between 3,000 and 5,000" examples of the SS will be built per year. In comparison, this would be 9,000 less than the Corvette and 18,000 less than the Volt per year- two of Chevy's lower volume models- while similarly-spec'd cars like the Dodge Charger triumphed at over 82,000 moved just last year. The Holden Commodore-based Chevy SS, is expected for production later in the year, with power likely from an all-new 6.2L V8. With only 5,000 examples expected, the SS will be priced as such in the premium sports sedan market. Source: