Nevada Grants Audi Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit, Robot Takeover Eminent

Like the movies say, robots will soon gain the ability to think freely, overtake us, and force us to build monuments resembling their likeness (see: I, Robot / The Terminator). With that, their ability to control how and when we travel is just step one in a master plan. Audi, and its progress in self-driving cars, is not helping our cause. Nevada recently issued Audi with the very first autonomous vehicle testing permit for an automaker. As you may know, tech giant Google was the very first company to receive the permit from California state officials a few years back. Audi, together with Stanford University in California, began testing of the autonomous TT racecar back in 2010 which conquered Pikes Peak. Audi hopes that with this permit, they will even further perfect the art of the autonomous vehicle in regions such as parallel parking and road awareness. Anyone who has seen I, Robot knows about the "Three laws" that should govern a sentient robot's consciousness. That movie proved that there are flaws in placing such decision making skills in a machine. Save us Will Smith.