Buy A Lexus LFA in Poland, Get Babes

There's only a few people in this world (500 to be exact) who will ever know the joy that is Lexus' V10 LFA sitting precariously in their driveway. And of these 500 examples, chassis no. 447 landed in Poland for one lucky owner. Even greater still, the Polish buyer received his drop-dead gorgeous red LFA with a red carpet treatment, and loads of sexy women. Lexus of Poland sure knows how to show their customers a good time. This sexy delivery feature got us thinking, though. What would you like to see thrown in with purchase of a new car? A crate of Beluga caviar with a Rolls-Royce Phantom? What about a heaping of beef jerky with your all-new Ram 1500? Tell us what you'd like as a fitting accessory to a new car in the comments below! Source: Facebook via GTSpirit