1926 Firefighter Dashcam Footage Possibly Worlds Oldest

In this day and age, with technology and such, dashcams are quite the norm. In fact, they catch some strange and wonderful things along the way. Back in 1026, the dashcams- well, all cameras, were a bit less attainable. The New York Fire Department seen here, is credited with use of some of the first dashcams known in modern history. It is amazing to see the early use of cameras, which was probably a larger ordeal, compared to how easy it probably was for a Detroit Metro firefighter to capture a year of fighting fires, all from a camera in his helmet. Recently released from the New York state archives, the first of two videos dated April 24, 1926, shows fire chief John Kenlon of the then Brooklyn Fire Department responding to a warehouse fire on East 123rd street on a snowy spring day. The second video, shows the fire department in action fighting a fire with hoses in hand. http://youtu.be/FBu8gEFK5bA While the each of the old films are very Charlie Chaplin-esque in their age and occasionally replay backwards and upside down, it's definitely an interesting look back in time. Click the links below to watch both videos. http://youtu.be/ttSocBq60es Source: LiveLink via World Bulletin