Define Irony: Tire Truck Sliding All Over Road in Snow Storm

People recognize good advertising when they see it, and there can’t be much better than a tire truck with the wrong sliding all over the road. It’s sort of like the commercials about new windshield wipers – “The time to act is now, not when it’s raining and you need them.”  You would definitely be thinking about tires watching the back end of this truck dance as it slips all over the ice and snow! Chances are he knows exactly what he’s doing, which makes it all the better.  The dudes in the car are getting into it though, enjoying every second of Mr. Firestone spinning his tires and making a scene of things. Of course, there is always the slight possibility that the tire guy is a massive idiot, and doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing wrong…  One can only hope. Source: Youtube via Jalopnik