A Smart ForTwo Rally Car? The Dakar Rally Has Never Been This Cute!

Whoever said that Smart cars were only for nerdy science teachers must watch this video, for they will be gloriously proven wrong. Spanish-born wheelman Jose Louis Alvarez heroically pilots this Dakar-tuned beast through just about everything, including jumps.  With a wheelbase about the length of a pencil, there had to be much uncertainty as to whether or not this rally-prepped Smart ForTwo could handle the acrobatic leaps into the air that larger, more stable cars manage with ease. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Fm1VocgKVv4 As you’ll see though, this tough little rally racer can pretty much do it all.  Maybe this will finally put an end to all the mockery thrown the smart’s way. What also may end are the team’s changes to compete in the Dakar Rally, as funds have been running low, and they may be forced to drop out of this year’s race. Let’s hope they raise the funds so that we can see this off-road Smart go racing!