A First Car: What You Need

One of the many rites of passage into adulthood is your first car. While it may not be a great car, you never forget it. If we condense the qualities of a good first car into one definitive list, what would have to be there? First and foremost, every teenager wants speed. Man’s lust for power began about the same time as the automobile itself. I’m pretty sure that back in 1889, Karl Benz was quoted as saying, “This piece of schiesse needs more power!” Maybe not, but today there are lots of cars available for not much money, such as the Fox body Mustangs and tuner cars like the Nissan 240SX, that offer a big engine up front with spinning tires out back. Second: appearance is a priority for both guys and girls when it comes to a first car. It’s one thing if the car needs a paint job, or a missing piece of trim – it’s another thing entirely if the front bumper is non-existent and the car is 5 different colors. Any car you get may need some cosmetic work done to it, but the bottom line is one color with no pieces falling off is a good car. Finally, teenagers do many things with their cars and when it doesn’t involve speed, it almost always involves space. Having a roomy back seat may lead to many a romp after Friday night football games. Having a truck means being “the moving guy” and picking up some extra cash every now and then. (ed. less cash, mostly just favors) Having a wagon or hatchback is a good compromise between the two, but either way, extra space always comes in handy. In all, what any teenager really wants is something roomy for friends and stuff. Something with all of its pieces and something that can make a hero out of even a novice driver, all as cheap as possible. It’s a delicate balance, but being the guy (or girl) with the coolest car in school is definitely worth it.