Edmunds Gets Their Lucky Paws on the SRT Viper GTS

The folks at Edmunds got their hands on a new SRT Viper GTS and were able to take it out on the test track. Even for a pre-production vehicle, the numbers they pull up are extremely impressive: zero to 60 in under four seconds, over 1g on a skid pad and most importantly, 560 horsepower to the wheels. At 8.4 liters though, a V10 should produce more power than a C6 Corvette. Performance may be on the down side but that can be attributed to the fact it is still pre-production. The looks, on the other hand are final. Not only is it the best-looking Viper but arguably one of the best-looking cars on the road. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXcA6Q0M80w&feature=player_embedded As with any new evolution of an icon, the skeptics and purists are always going to be the most vocal on the message boards. By law SRT had to equip the Viper with traction and stability control, Fear not though; with a touch of a button the systems can be completely disengaged. SRT had to bring its halo car into the 21st century and by the looks of it, the brand is doin’ a damn fine job.