Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Celebrated in Video

"100 Years of Innovation in Half the Time." That's the title of the video you see below you, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini. It is a perfectly fitting mantra for one of the boldest automakers of all time. If you couldn't tell from our name, we dig bold, and few automakers have come from bolder origins than than a man telling Enzo Ferrari that he made an inferior product.! Ferruccio Lamborghini was a wealth tractor maker, and by the 1950's was one of the largest farm equipment producers in Europe. With his wealth, Ferruccio purchased high-end performance cars, such as Alfa Romeos and Maseratis. He had purchased several Ferraris, but considered them rough, regarding them as track cars that had been repurposed to road use. When a clutch broke on his Ferrari, Lamborghini realized it was like the clutch used in his tractors, and asked Ferrari for a better clutch unit. Ferrari responded by telling Lamborghini that he should basically "stick to tractors." Where many would have been intimidated by Enzo's derision, Ferruccio told Enzo where he could put that clutch, by starting his own car company, with performance and luxury meeting his standard. 50 years later, and the company has come to represent the next-level of performance and luxury. One may regard a new Ferrari as rare, but will always fall short in that wild look, sound and feel of an Lamborghini. Any Lambo is guaranteed to wow all onlookers, and ownership secures status and heart-pounding performance. Whether it is the Lamborghini 50th anniversary that we or celebrating, or the 75th or 100th, the automaker will always stand for the extreme, and for that we are thankful.