Volkswagen Snowareg: Sweden’s Wild New Snow Machine

The Internet was abuzz when Volkswagen of Sweden revealed a few photos of a Volkswagen Touareg flaunting snow tracks in place of the usual tires.  The donor Touareg is the V8 TDI diesel version, which has 340 hp and produces 590 lb-ft of torque to a track setup at each wheel.  Dubbed the “Snowareg”, the vehicle shows a lot of promise, especially in Sweden where snow is prevalent and brutally cold weather is common. The Snowareg appears to be equipped with all the options Volkswagen offers on the Touareg, including the panoramic moonroof, Dynaudio stereo system, and dual-zone climate control.  This is where the Snowareg really shines, since it offers amenities that snowmobiles and ex-military-tracked vehicles lack. PHOTOS: See more of the Volkswagen Snowareg The tracks are supplied by a Minnesota company called Mattracks, which offers track setups for a wide range of vehicles.  Mattrack kits can be purchased for anything from a Polaris ATV to a Hummer H1.  In this case, the Mattrack setup enables the Touareg to blast over steep snowdrifts with impunity. For now, the Snowareg is just a concept, but I could see Volkswagen Snowareg offered as a special order vehicle, especially in areas that experience a lot of snowfall, such as remote ski resorts.  Wealthy clients in particular would enjoy the experience of being shuttled in luxury around the Swiss Alps or other mountain ranges without being confined to roads. The combination of the tracks, luxurious VW interior, and the high-torque V8 TDI diesel engine combine to form the ultimate snow machine.