Ferrari Nixes Rumors of Schumacher Return

It appears that Formula 1 racer Michael Schumacher is calling it quits. The seven-time F1 champion is retiring after a storied career that featured 91 F1 wins and 155 podium finishes. The news comes as his former team, Ferrari, ruled him out for the 2013 season. Schumacher, 43, was left without a team when his (now former) ride, Mercedes, replaced him with the 27 year old Lewis Hamilton. According to Ferrari president, and Ferrari F1 president Luca di Montezemolo, "That will not happen." he said of rumors that Scumi would make a return to Ferrari, "It is a pity that he did not win another race (in his comeback), nevertheless it was right of him to retire now." Schumacher has been winless over the course of a three year comeback. When basketball legend Michael Jordan came to the back to the NBA for a third try, he looked a little past his prime, and arguably the greatest to ever play the game left as far less the legend than he could have left. I bring this only because ti appears that F1 legend Michael Schumacher had the same look this season. The look of one past their prime. The same look that Jordan had when he left the Washington Wizards. It would have been nice to see Schumi leave on his own terms, but true competitors never know when to hang it up. Source: Speedtv