Bold Hoons: Enthusiast-Bloggers Build Badass Electric Racecar

People, if you haven't been over see what the folks over at Hooniverse are up to, you're missing out! Hoon- for those who are unaware, is another term for tearing ass in a car of any kind. The term originated in Australia and New Zealand as a derogatory term, referring to anyone engaging in antisocial behavior, including driving a car or boar in a manner that is considered dangerous by contemporary society. We dig. The term may have initially been derogatory, but it did not take long for automotive enthusiasts Down Under to embrace the term as a badge of honor; he who drives so dangerously, it is considered anti-social behavior. Yeah, we can get behind that too. The team of guys over at Hooniverse are a solid group of enthusiasts. Want proof? Check out this EV Midget, based on a vintage Midget racecar. It was restored, and fitted with the internals of an electric golf cart. It took some serious canabalizing of old parts and some metal work but the pulled it off, even taking it to romp around the Bonneville sale flats! Yeah, these guys know how to have fun. The results are impressive, and it is one of their Hooniverse Cars of the Year. Check out more of the build here. Source: Hooniverse