This Infiniti G35 Thinks It's a Nissan GT-R

Ladies and gentlefolk, this is just pure awful. Earlier this week, we brought you the best tunes of 2012. It is unfortunate, then, that we have to bring you the misguided vehicular abomination seen above. Tuners should have separate licenses, to be given out by a jury of their peers upon review of their portfolio of automotive creations. If this such a system was in place, the creator of this vehicle would never have been let anywhere near a garage. At first glance, you think you are looking at a Nissan GT-R, but one need only look at this car for more than a half a second to realize that is far from the case. It appears that this started as an Infiniti G35 Coupe, from there the owner (for whom this author did not wait to interview) attempted to convert it into something that looks like a nissan GT-R. Sure, the headlights of the G35 lend itself to such visual connections to the Nissan supercar, no one should ever go so far as to try and emulate the GT-R. Oh, and lest you think that this was just some aftermarket body kit that just HAPPENED to look like the GT-R, note the Nissan lettering on the front grille. Let the lesson here be this; no one should ever modify a luxury car to emulate a vehicle that is from the brand considered lower in the corporate hierarchy of a car company. It just doesn't make sense and the results have proven themselves to be shitfull.