12 Cars of Christmas: McLaren MP4-12C Spider

4. McLaren MP4-12C Spider Ah yes, we've finally cracked the top four of our 'Cars of Christmas' countdown. So far, we've seen some Chevys, A Jaaaaaaaaag, and the classic Boss 302. Now, we get to see a McLaren…again. This time though, in the form of the all-new, so-sexy-it-makes-my-eyeballs-hurt MP4-12C Spider. As the joke goes, the topless Brit is indeed sexy and topless, and if we're being completely honest, it's not really much more than that. Just freakin' look at it! http://youtu.be/wLh70jg9Xwc But performance-wise, it is still an MP4-12C, one of the most technologically advanced and stimulating supercars in the world. So, a drop-top with the wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth and a beautiful supermodel sitting next to you has to be even more fun, right? You bet your ass it is.