Subaru BRZ: The Car You Deserve for Being So Nice!

So yesterday, we spoke of what a terrible car the 1974 Ford Mustang II is and how every naughty kid should get one, but what about the nice kids on the list? They deserve something of the utmost vehicular excellence. We just may have the perfect car for the perfectly behaved kid for this year. It has to be none other than the Subaru BRZ! The BRZ and Scion FR-S are the epitome of the near-perfect sportscar. Well sorted handling, no-nonsense interior, do-it-yourself gearbox and a classic coupe profile make for a car that will make any enthusiast happy for years to come. Note, however that we said "near"-perfect sportscar. It needs a little something before we can put a bow under it and toss it under the tree. There has been news that the BRZ might get a supercharger, or perhaps even twin-turbo! In past years, the base Subaru boxer engine found in the Impreza it turbo'd out to 227 horsepower, with the WRX STI getting power in excess of 300 horsepower. Imagine if that powerplant made its way into the BRZ! Can you imagine?! Well if you believe, and if you've been good, maybe it will show up under your Christmas tree next year!