12 Cars of Christmas: Jaguar F-Type

7. Jaguar F-Type Yet another one of this year's big reveals, the F-Type is Jag's brand new two-seat convertible sportscar; and it's sexy– like, Victoria's Secret supermodel sexy. But while this pretty kitty won't be modeling any lingerie in the near future (because it's a car) it does come with an equally arousing 5.0L V8 good for somewhere in the neighborhood of 480-hp; and a tamer 370-hp V6. All this power sent to the rear wheels and paired to a six-speed manual (or eight-speed automatic) to cement the Jag as a real, true badass sports car. http://youtu.be/ee0an77JcWA The all-new roadster will go on sale next year in the UK before it comes stateside and expect it to cost a pretty penny. Or like, a few million pennies.