Feast Your Eyes On Praga's R1 Track Car

The Czech Republic, as a whole, isn't necessarily known the world over for their automotive prowess, but this track-focued Praga R1 might make you trek to the Eastern European nation. The R1, unlike the less-hardcore Ariel Atoms and KTM X-bows of the world, is indeed not street legal. And yes, while some less hardcore enthusiasts may see this as a negative, the R1 presents its purpose to the world, and if you don't like it, well then f$@k off. A hardcore racecar is indeed a swell thing. The R1, like most racers, is extremely light and pulls an extreme amount of power-to-weight from a regularly sub-par Renault-sourced 2.0L engine. At the wheels, the driver gets 210-hp, which, given a 1,250+ pound curb weight, brings the power to weight ratio at about 356-hp / ton. All this paired to a six-speed sequential transmission– to make you feel more like a racecar driver. http://youtu.be/iEbsSh69EsE For anti-death purposes, Praga fit the R1 with all the necessary safety equipment; six-point racing harnesses, neck restraints, fire extinguishers- the whole shebangabang. Cost for all this Slovokian race fun? €98,000... PHOTOS: See more of the 2012 Praga R1