12 Cars of Christmas: McLaren P1

8. McLaren P1 The highly anticipated McLaren P1 is number eight on our list. It boasts looks to kill, power to enrage and the biggest automotive shoes to fill with the departure of the F1. But need not worry, McLaren says promises that its all-new hypercar will indeed deliver; in performance, in hybrid technology and in looks. Sounds damn good to me. With the "concept" revealed at this years Paris Motor Show, the P1 nearly left us drowning in a sea of speculation months before the official reveal. From drop-dead gorgeous curvature, to McLaren-esque front styling and a Kim Kardashian-style ass, the P1 is one of the most stunning cars in recent history. Bad news is though, McLaren has still yet to give us any official numbers on the beast. Some early figures suggest as much as 1,000-hp, but a more realistic number coming in somewhere around 900-950 and a top speed reaching over 230 mph before production sometime late next year.