This is the Last Lexus LFA Ever Built

For all you V10 Japanese supercar enthusiasts' out there, today is a sad day, for Lexus has announced the official end of production for their highly-touted LFA supercar. As production began just over 2 years ago on December 15, 2010, Lexus bids farewell to its most advanced vehicle ever. But fear not, while this may be officially the last Lexus LFA ever built, Lexus and Toyota say that all this new technology will not go to waste. They say that lessons learned and technology perfected in the LFA will go to use on other, even more advanced new cars such as the LF-LC in the future. The last LFA in question, bearing the "500" badge number, will head to a new home complete with a bright white paint scheme and an included Nurburgring package. PHOTOS: See more of the Lexus LFA