LIT Motors Envisions Their Gyro-Based City Car as the Future of Mobility

Yeah, so driving a car with four wheels is pretty sweet, and for those of you so inclined, a two-wheeled motorcycle is also indeed pretty radical. But, when four wheels have become sooooo nineteen-hundred-and-two, and the same old two-wheeled routine is leaving you with road rash, why not try this; the LIT Motors C1 gyro-balanced two-wheeler. 'A motor-car based off a Greek sandwich,' you say? No, silly, these gyros are the same technology used on less-exciting and more futuristicy things like the Segway, which, keep the normally unstable vehicle more balanced during travel. The gyros found on the C1, in fact, are so powerful, 33-year old CEO Daniel Kim says, "It would take an elephant to knock this thing over." Combining the efficiency and maneuverability of an electric motorcycle and the durability and comfort of a small car, LIT Motors, Kim hopes will be one of few automotive start-ups to succeed in recent history. "I think (LIT has) a chance of making it for two reasons. One, after traveling the world I saw a huge percentage of motorists travel alone, and in the developing world most of them are on two wheels. And two, I don't have to hire anyone to design, because I do it all myself. I like to think I'm de-risking the company that way," says Kim. Initially, Dan hopes that the C1 will have a 200-mile electric range, manage 60 mph in only 6 seconds, and have a price range somewhere between $19- and $24,000. Source: Yahoo!